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If you want to add a boost to your Facebook business page, a Facebook QR code offers the best solution!

With over 3 billion active monthly users, Facebook has become an ideal platform to promote business and services. By displaying a Facebook page QR code, potential customers can quickly view your offers, check-in, like, and review your page in seconds.

In this article, you will explore why you should use a QR code for a Facebook page and how to get one for your page. Let's get started!

Part 1. The Importance of Facebook Page QR Code

A Facebook page QR code is the ideal way to bring a huge amount of traffic to your page without the hassle of searching for it manually. This not only saves time but also encourages more users to visit your page.

Here are some key benefits of using a QR code for your Facebook page.

Get Better Online Visibility

Sharing FB QR codes to social media lets your business get more exposure without any advertisement costs.

Instant access to information

With a simple scan with the phone camera, QR codes give instant access to your Facebook page for hassle-free content engagement.

Use for Multiple Purposes

A QR code for a Facebook page lets you customize it for multiple purposes by linking a business page, advertisement group, an event, or an online store.

Track Marketing Effectiveness

A Facebook page QR code lets you track your QR code performance to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Part 2. What Can a QR Code for a Facebook Page Do?

There are various ways a Facebook QR code can help you promote your Facebook page and business. A QR code for the Facebook page can:

Like or Follow a Page Automatically by scanning a QR code without navigating to the specific Facebook page.

Check-in on Business Information like business location, contact details, and working hours.

Connect to Promotions and Events for hassle-free exposure, information, and participation in activities.

Direct to a Review Page with a QR code and encourage users to leave feedback and reviews.

Showcase Landing Pages related to a particular type of content for specific promotions or announcements.

In short, QR codes offer a superfast and effective way to enhance the visibility of your business. Now, let’s find out how you can get a QR code for your Facebook page.

Part 3. How Do I Get the QR Code for My Facebook Page?

Basically, there are two ways to get a unique QR code for your page. You can either use Facebook’s default QR code or opt for a Facebook QR code generator.

Below, we have covered both to help you learn how to get a QR code for a Facebook page.

1. Use Facebook Default QR Code

Facebook offers a standard QR code that allows people to scan it and visit your Facebook page. However, this basic QR code lacks customization, tracking, and integration features.

You can access the QR code through your Facebook mobile app by searching for it in the search bar. Once accessed, you can share it on social media and invite friends to your Facebook page.

2. Use Facebook QR Code Generator

Aligning QR codes with brand identity is significant for a business to build a credible and professional image. With a Facebook QR code generator like iMyFone QRShow, it is possible.

iMyFone QRShow is a powerful and user-friendly QR code generator for Facebook and a bunch of other social platforms. This robust tool not only lets you align your QR codes to your brand’s identity but also track its performance in real time.

QRShow logo
iMyfone QRShow
Create dynamic Facebook page QR codes with different customization features.

How to get a QR code for a Facebook page with iMyfone QRShow:

Step 1: Create your account for the website and go to the dashboard.

sign in QRShow

Step 2: Go to Create QRcode tab, choose Dynamic QRcode and click Social Media.

choose social media qr code type

Step 3: Choose Facebook icon and enter your account.

enter facebook page qr code details

Step 4: Customize your Facebook page QR code with frames, templates, colors or adding your logo.

customize and download facebook page qr code

Part 4. The Comparison Between the Above 2 Ways

iMyFone QRShow differs from Facebook’s default QR code in more than one way. We will put the two against each other to let you decide the best suited to your needs.

Freedom to Customize

Facebook does not allow QR code customization. However, iMyFone QRShow lets you customize it with your brand logo, color, design, and more.

Performance Tracking

Compared to Facebook's default QR code, iMyFone QRShow lets you track all data, like the number of scans, location, time, country, etc., in detail.

Create Dynamic QR codes

With iMyFone QRShow, you can create dynamic QR codes that can be edited and modified according to your needs. However, Facebook does not provide this key feature.

Supported Formats

Facebook only lets you save QR codes in one format. But with iMyFone QRShow, you can save QR codes in JPG, PNG, SVG, or PDF with three different sizing options.

Flexible Linking Options

Compared to Facebook’s default QR code, iMyFone QRShow lets you create a QR code specific for a post or landing page of your Facebook.

Diverse QR code Templates

iMyFone QRShow offers a diverse range of QR code templates, each with a scan-worthy style. However, Facebook does not provide any such option.

In short, iMyFone QRShow offers the ideal solution to generate a QR code and bring more traffic to your page.

Scanning Options

Last but not least, you can only scan Facebook default QR code with its inbuilt scanner, while the QR code for Facebook page created by iMyfone QRShow can be scanned with your smartphone or any other scanners.

Part 5: Where to Use a QR Code for Facebook Page

A QR code for a Facebook Page can be used in various places to make it easy for people to connect with your page. You can use a Facebook page QR code on:

Printed Materials like brochures, flyers, business cards, posters, etc., for quick access to your Facebook Page.

Physical Locations like retail stores, restaurants, or local businesses can display QR codes on storefronts.

Product Packaging to let customers connect with your Facebook Page for updates and customer support.

Receipts and Invoices to encourage customers to follow your Facebook Page for future updates and promotions.

Social Media Profiles to increase exposure and bring more traffic to your page.

Remember to ensure that the placement of the QR code is convenient and visible. Consider providing a brief call-to-action to encourage people to scan the code.


A Facebook page QR code is a quick and efficient way to increase your brand’s visibility and growth. However, when it comes to increasing the scans for QR codes, it is possible by aligning your QR code with your brand’s identity.

For this purpose, iMyFone QRShow offers the best solution. You can not only customize your QR codes but also track their performance in real-time. Besides this, iMyFone QRShow lets you edit dynamic QR codes and save them in the format and size best suited to your needs.

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