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QR codes are evolving beyond conventional black squares and bars on your products. Now, they can be in different colors, shapes, and have other graphic aesthetics. For instance, you can have a 3D or a transparent QR code. They still function like other QR codes, which allow you to store an internet address for easy access.

You can scan them with a scanner or your phone camera, and you will get access to the information kept in the address. Here, you will find out more about transparent QR code, like their benefits and how to use them. We will also shed light on common issues associated with a QR code transparent background.

Part 1: What's QR Code Transparent Background

QR code is formed by overlaying an opaque background with shapes, usually squares, or diagrams like logos. These QR codes are encryptions for an address on the internet. When the QR code is scanned, it leads to the destination address, and you can access the information there. Now, if you remove the opaque background of the QR code, it becomes transparent.

You can print the transparent QR code on an object, and the design or plain color of the object will still be visible alongside the barcode. With the absence of the QR code's background, the barcode will fit better where printed. In other words, it uses the color or image of its printed surface as the background.

Part 2: Benefits of Using Transparent QR Code

If you are new to using a transparent QR code, then you are missing out on a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits include,

Aesthetics: You can make your product look nicer with a transparent QR code that blends perfectly with the printing material. Without the extra color of the opaque background of the QR code, the overall look of the print appears finer.

Customization: During customization, it is easier to include more preferred features. That way, you can preserve the visual identity of your business better. When there is a background, it limits the flexibility of the design customization.

Versatility: Transparent QR codes are versatile because they can retain their functionality on different mediums. For instance, they can be used on products, e-flyers, billboards, etc. Regardless of the change in print medium, they can still be resized and scanned.

Part 3: How to Create a Transparent QR Code

Not all QR code generators can be used to create transparent QR code. The barcode generator requires a customization feature that fades the background of the QR code. Only QR code generators with exceptional customization features can be used to generate transparent QR codes. Some even have transparent background template like our iMyFone QRShow. You can use this transparent QR code generator to generate and customize your barcode with different desired effects.

What QRShow to Do to Create Transparent QR Codes
  • Create nultiple types of transparent QR codes like text, call, files, multimedia, url, etc.
  • Customize the QR code with various templates. You can add your logo or frames to it.
  • Able to change background color and pattern color of the QR code.
  • Track your dynamic transparent QR code data scanning number such as devices and more.

Step 1: Create an account on the website. Select the type of QR code you want to generate. Set the details for the QR code and generate it.

Step 2: Customize the QR code color and other features. Navigate to background transparency and set it to 100% or fade. Or choose a template without background as shown below.

Step 3: Complete the process by downloading the transparent QR code.

Part 4: Use Cases of Transparent QR Code

Transparent QR codes are very peculiar in usage. That is why we have identified some common use cases here for you.

Product Printing: They are suitable for product QR codes. That way, you can use it to include the company's guide on product usage, coupon code, and other information. A transparent QR code will blend well with the design on the product surface.

Children's Services: It is highly recommended to ensure that children's services have graphical aesthetics. This recommendation is to help them understand the object and keep them engaged. Children's services like health care, books, toys, and many more, can use transparent QR codes to share information with parents while keeping the service top-notch.

Tourism: The transparent QR code's blend with nature makes it a good fit for tourist uses. They can be included on signs, hotels, and payment stands, among others.

Part 5: Troubleshoot Transparent QR Code Issues

Depending on the scanning technology, a transparent QR code might not be scanning correctly. To ensure you do not have such issues with your transparent QR code, you should perform a scan test after printing. Now, we will discuss issues that arise with transparent QR code and how to resolve such problems. When these tips are correctly engaged, the least-performing scanning technology can read your barcode correctly.

Contrast: Before downloading the QR code, ensure there is a distinct contrast difference between your QR code and the surface where it will be printed. You should also double-check to ensure that your QR code is in the CMYK model before printing.

Overlay: Practice simplicity with your QR code, especially if the background you are overlaying it on is clumsy. Curb the urge to display too much creativity to the detriment of the barcode being visible for scanning. Sometimes, you might want to remove some customization after a failed scan testing.

Size: The size of the print is very essential. However, it is determined by the proximity of a scanner to the print. For close proximity barcode, 1 cm x 1 cm is the standard. Now, this ratio can be increased depending on the intended distance to a scanner.

Printing Material: Prints appear differently on diverse materials. It is bright and shining on plastics and smooth materials. Whereas, the same design may appear dull on a wool or fabric material. Your color choice is to go with the material you are printing on.


As QR codes are becoming more popular, new trends are emerging. One of these trends is the use of a QR code transparent background. While they perform the same function as conventional ones with opaque backgrounds, they are fast becoming the preferred choice. In this guide, we have discussed how to create them and the common trouble experienced when using them. Additionally, we have shown how to troubleshoot and rectify any issue with transparent QR code.

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