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QR codes are arrays of shapes, especially square, readable by phone cameras or QR code scanners. This array of shapes contains information often represented by text or a URL location that the user needs. For instance, you can use a QR code to keep your Wi-Fi connection passworded and secured. When it is scanned, user can see the password or enter their login details depending on your preferred setting. The remaining sections of this article discuss how to create a Wi-Fi QR code and other details like its benefits and where it is applicable.

Part 1: How to Create a Wi-Fi QR Code

You can scan or decode a QR code to get its URL or embedded information. Hence, you need to create the code and insert a URL or information before it can be scanned. The choicest QR code generator you can use is the iMyFone QRShow. It is a Wi-Fi code generator that you can use to embed login credentials for your Wi-Fi. iMyFone QRShow is very reliable and fast. With only a few steps, you can set it up for your home or business Wi-Fi.

iMyfone QRShow
  • Generate static WiFi QR code in several easy steps.
  • You can set password for the WiFi QR code.
  • Various customization features are available such as templates, adding logo, colors, eyes and frames.
  • The WiFi QR code created can be applied into restaurants, hotels and other plases for your customers to connect.

Steps to Use iMyFone QRShow:

Step 1: Create an account or log on to our official website.

sign in QRShow

Step 2: Select Wi-Fi as the type of QR code you want to generate.

choose wifi qr code type

Step 3: Fill in the details about your Wi-Fi.

enter wifi qr code details

Step 4: Complete the process by generating and downloading the QR code.

customize and download wifi qr code

You can have the downloaded code printed and available on different surfaces.

Part 2: What Information is in a Wi-Fi QR Code?

Before you can establish a connection with a router, another phone's hotspot, or any other local Wi-Fi connection, certain conditions need to be established. These conditions are also required when the connection is to be established using a Wi-Fi QR code. These conditions are name, password, and security type.

Network’s SSID: The Service Set Identifier or Network name is a sequence of numeric or alphabetic characters. It is the primary means of differentiating a network from others. Hence, it is used to identify specific networks.

Wi-Fi Password: If a network has a password, it has to be included when setting up a Wi-Fi QR code. However, this information is not compulsory if it's not set. The password is the network security. It is the combination of symbols, alphabets, and numeric characters.

Security Type: Aside from the Wi-Fi password, every Wi-Fi is encrypted using different security types. The most common examples are WPA2, WEP, WPA, etc. Sometimes the option could be void or none. This feature is for keeping wireless networks secure against interference like hacking.

Part 3: Benefits of Using a Wi-Fi QR Code

Several benefits are associated with using Wi-Fi QR codes for both the network owner and the user. These benefits are discussed in this section.

Secure connection: The first benefit is that it is reliable. You can restrict access to your Wi-Fi password. Hence, only those you allow access can make changes to the security type and password. Likewise, random people are less likely to gain access to your network.

Less effort: With a simple code generated, you can give access to multiple people simultaneously. Likewise, several people can connect to your network by scanning your Wi-Fi QR code. Hence, there isn't need to insert a password after scanning for the network.

Faster internet speed: Since access to your network will be well controlled, the network will function more speedily.

Part 4: Where to Use a Wi-Fi QR Code

Wi-Fi QR codes can be used in different places. Some of the most popular places will be discussed below.

  • Restaurants: You can generate a QR code for Wi-Fi in restaurants and café. Walk-in customers can use the QR code to access a free internet connection. Likewise, they can use the connection to make a mobile payment for their food.
  • Events: You can create a QR code for Wi-Fi at an event. That way, your guests can have simple access to the internet.
  • Business: The business environment is another popular place for using Wi-Fi QR codes. Executives, Managers, and all the members of the staff can join a Wi-Fi network with this technology.
  • Hospitality Centers: Motels, Hotels, Inns, etc., are some of the places where Wi-Fi QR codes are very useful. Guests in any of these hospitality locations can gain access to the local network of the place with the QR code.


Hardware devices like your phone can scan Wi-Fi QR codes. However, there are cases when they do not have an in-built QR code decoder. In such cases, you can download a third-party QR code scanner. Aside from the QR code shower, the QR code generator is very important. As discussed in this article, iMyFone QRShow is the best Wi-Fi QR code creator for you and your business.


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