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QR code on product can boost customer engagement with your brand. Every seasoned retailer understands their importance. This piece will delve into how retailers can use QR codes. Watch as the reach and interaction of your product increases. Let's dive in!

Part 1: Can You Put a QR Code on a Product?

QR code is a machine-readable code. This code tells about an ite­m customers can access through their phone­. It's simple with QR codes! QR codes are­ great for giving details about your item dire­ctly on the packaging. With ease, you can attach a QR code­ to an item.

You can easily put a QR code on a product. You will need a reliable QR code generator and then link it to the source where the buyer will get more information about your product such as link, pdf, image, etc.

Part 2: What Is the Purpose of QR Codes on the Products?

QR code on packaging serves so many purposes. Here are the purposes of QR code on product packaging:

Brand Transparency

Today's consumers value transparency and want detailed information about the products they use daily. With QR Codes, you have an exceptional opportunity to provide purchasers with complete information about your products and services. It will save them from the hassle of sifting through the noise on the internet.

You can effectively inspire people to choose your business using a QR Code. QR code gives consumers access to every information about your company. Besides that, you can foster brand loyalty by including user instructions on the package or sharing positive customer feedback with your consumers.

Link To Your Product

The internet's reach can extend beyond digital platforms with hyperlinking. It can connect physical objects or locations using tags with URLs. One effective method for achieving this is through the utilization of QR codes.

These codes establish a connection between in-store items and online information. Thus, they enhance the shopping experience for customers. Implementing this simple technique can significantly improve how shoppers engage with your products and services. It ultimately increases their value.

Measure The Efficacy Of Your Campaign

With the help of a Dynamic QR Code integrated into your posters, flyers, or billboards, you can gather valuable data such as the total number of scans, location by nation and city, operating device, and time scanned.

You will be able to compare the number of scans, both total and unique, and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing materials from the CSV file. This invaluable information will provide insights into your campaign's most prosperous times and locations.

Part 3: Advantages of QR Code on Product Packaging

Using QR code on product packaging can give your business an edge. Here are the advantages of QR code on product packaging:

  • 1. Encourage Consumers Interaction
  • Reaching out to consumers directly through product packaging was once an uncommon technique. However, with the highly adaptable technology of QR codes, this is no longer the case.

    Enhance your unique packaging with interactive components or media using QR codes. An interactive product QR code can contain various types of content, including audio and video, polls, contests, and forms. These features allow you to effortlessly engage in meaningful discussions with your clients about your company or a product they recently purchased.

    For instance, you can create a video for product demos, simplify account signups, or encourage clients to provide feedback through a URL encoded in your QR code.

  • 2. Connect Your Online And Offline Sales Efforts
  • In today's digital age, brands must establish a solid online presence. However, paying attention to customers who prefer non-digital communication channels is equally important. You have to connect online and offline commerce seamlessly is essential. It is where QR codes on primary packaging come into play.

    Printing QR codes directly on packaging labels allows potential customers instant access to critical product information. Any additional details that may not fit on the packaging can be easily accessed through your website or social media pages by scanning the code.

    Using a simple QR code­ on your product customers get easy acce­ss to details they nee­d. They're pointed dire­ctly to a specific page full of esse­ntial information. No more hunting for facts about your product!

  • 3. Customers To Reach Your Brand Fast And Easy
  • QR codes have become increasingly popular for contact forms on websites. Customers can conveniently scan your contact information and instantly reach your message system or business phone by encoding your contact information in a QR code.

    No need for them to jot down your email address or phone number, which could lead to mistakes and unnecessary hassle. The same convenience applies to people on the go looking for your business office or store.

    Instead of navigating through Google Maps or other navigation apps and typing in their office address, they can use their phone to scan the QR code on your packaging and receive instant driving directions.

  • 4. Real-time Business Information Update
  • Dynamic QR codes offer the flexibility to modify the URL of your codes even after your packaging has been printed. This feature is precious during the ongoing epidemic.

    If you need to make quick changes to your company hours, update the QR code link with the updated information you want to share with your community.

    Once updated, every scan of your product package will show the revised information. Thus, your customers can plan their visit to your physical store. Planning in advance will allow them to account for various scenarios such as transportation, road safety, etc.

Part 4: How to Create a QR Code for Product Packaging?

In today's digital age, QR codes have become so popular. They offer efficient ways to transfer information. That's where the iMyfone QRShow can be the thing you need. This QR code generator solution simplifies the process of creating, customizing, and tracking QR codes.

iMyfone QRShow
  • Create QR codes FOR FREE!
  • Create various QR codes such as website, call, text, email, vcard, social media, files, etc.
  • Customize the QR code like adding logo and template.

Here's how to generate QR codes and use them then on product packaging:

Step 1: First, sign up your account and choose from various content types. They can be either URLs, plain text, SMS etc. You can choose to generate static or dynamic QR codes.

choose qr code type

Step 2: Next, enter the necessary details. There are specific fields for this information. The information can be links, contact information, text, or other relevant information. After you enter the information, click "Generate" to proceed.

Step 3 You can customize your QR code with various colors and background designs. You can also skip customization and download your polished code.

customize and download qr code

After downloading the QR code, you can print it onto the product materials now.

Part 5: How To Use A QR Code On The Packaging?

Reaching out directly to consumers through product packaging was once an uncommon technique. However, this approach has become more prevalent with the use of QR codes. QR codes offer highly adaptable technology that allows you to amplify your unique packaging with interactive elements and media.

QR codes offe­r a versatile way to enhance­ your interactive product with differe­nt types of content. You can include audio and vide­o, conduct polls and contests, and collect information through forms. These­ features make it e­asy for you to engage in meaningful conve­rsations with your customers, whether it's about your company or a product the­y just bought.

For instance, you can create a product demonstration video, streamline the account signup process, or encourage customers to provide feedback through a URL embedded in your QR code.

Part 6: Tips to Make Your QR Codes on Product Packaging Successful

You can use various techniques to make your QR code more presentable. Here are some tips to make QR codes on products successful:

Get Feedbacks

Consumers depend heavily on reviews to build trust and confidence in purchasing decisions. Honest reviews can instill trust in the products or services people buy.

You can optimize your review collection process with a Social Links QR code and encourage customers to leave reviews on social networking sites.

Alternatively, utilize a Google Reviews QR code to seamlessly connect your followers to a dedicated Google Reviews page, where they can effortlessly share their valuable feedback and ideas.

Go Mobile With Your Commerce

Printing a promo code on your packaging and a Website QR code that seamlessly connects to your e-commerce site offers customers a convenient way to access coupons. Not only that, it also allows them to continue purchasing directly from the product packaging.

Track Your Success

Dynamic QR codes on product packaging offer more than just the ability to update and edit them anytime.

They provide valuable tracking information, including the time and location of scans and the total and unique scan count. Furthermore, dynamic QR codes can reveal the devices and operating systems used for scanning. It will give you comprehensive insights into consumer behavior.


The use of QR code on products offers numerous benefits. QR codes offer consumers a quick and convenient way to access valuable product information like ingredients, instructions, and reviews. By adopting QR codes, busine­sses can boost consumer engagement, promote transparency, and drive growth.

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