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QR codes and Excel are two essential tools for simplifying tasks and improving accessibility. Excel has improved to incorporate QR codes seamlessly into its functionality. In this article, we'll explore four different ways on how to create QR codes for Excel including using Excel QR code generator. We also talk about practical use cases of Excel QR codes.

Part 1: How to Create QR Code for Excel

Creating a QR code for Excel is a simple process that can greatly impact your workflow. Here are the 4 different ways to create QR codes for your Excel files:

1. Use the Best Excel QR Code Generator

iMyfone QRShow, an advanced online QR code generator, simplifies the process of creating QR codes for your Excel files. It offers enterprise-grade features and a variety of sophisticated solutions for QR codes.

This QR code converter allows you to generate fully customizable QR codes for Excel spreadsheets. You can also customize the appearance of your QR codes.

Here's how you can use iMyfone QRShow, the best QR code generator for Excel file:

Step 1: Visit the iMyfone QRShow website and sign up your account.

sign in QRShow

Step 2: Go to Create QRcode tab and select Files from Dynamic QRcode.

choose files qr code type

Step 3: Upload your Excel files and the Excel QR code generator will help you with that.

upload Excel files

Step 4: Enhance the professionalism of your dynamic QR codes by personalizing them. You can incorporate your company’s brand kit, including its color scheme and logo. The eye frames, patterns, and shapes are also customizable.

customize and download Excel qr code

  • It's FREE to create QR code for Excel.
  • Super easy to operate.
  • Create dynamic Excel QR code with many customization features.
  • Able to track the data such as the number of scans, scanning devices and more.
  • The number of dynamic QR code created is limited for the free version

2. Use Third-Party Add-ins

Excel Addins are useful because they offer functions that simplify tasks within Excel. They also include previously unreleased features or enhanced functionality. Here is how you can generate QR code Excel using third-party add-ins:

Step 1: First open the Excel file to which you want to add QR codes.

Step 2: Select Insert. Next, go to the Add-ins area.

use third-party add-in to generate excel qr code

Step 3: Search and select a QR code generator add-in. Hover your mouse, over to the Add button and click.

Step 4: Enter the URL you want a QR code for. Personalize your QR code with the right color and size.

Step 5: Press the button for insert. In the chosen cell, the add-in will automatically add a QR code.

  • It's easy to operate.
  • Create the QR code in the Excel.
  • You can't track the QR code data.
  • The customization features are limited.
  • You can only download the QR code in PNG format.

3. Use Microsoft 365 IMAGE Function

With Microsoft 365 for Windows, Mac, and Web, you can create unique QR codes by using the image () function. The IMAGE function might not be available in all versions of Microsoft 365. Additionally, you need a QR code generator API to convert Excel text into a QR code image.

Step 1: Install Power Query (if not already installed)

Open Excel. Go to the "Data" tab.

Click on "Get Data" and select "Get Data from Online Services."

Choose "From Other Sources" and then select "Web."

Enter the following URL:

Follow the prompts to install Power Query.

Step 2: Create a QR Code Generator API Key

Go to a QR code generator website that provides an API. For example, you can use or

Sign up for an account and obtain an API key.

Step 3: Create a QR Code in Excel

Open Excel and enter the text you want to convert to a QR code in a cell. For example, enter the text in cell A1.

Go to the "Data" tab and click on "Get Data" > "From Other Sources" > "Blank Query."

In the formula bar, enter the following Power Query M formula, replacing YourAPIKey with the actual API key you obtained:

use Excel image function

This formula sends a request to the QR code generator API and retrieves the QR code image.

Press Enter, and a dialog box will appear. Click on "OK."

In the Power Query Editor, you will see a table with a column containing a URL. Close the Power Query Editor.

In a blank cell, enter the following formula, replacing WebURL with the actual URL from the Power Query result:

excel qr code with image function

This formula uses the IMAGE function to display the QR code image.

Press Enter, and the QR code for the entered text should appear in the cell.

  • Allows for dynamic content in the QR code.
  • The IMAGE function allows for a visual representation of data
  • It integrates with Excel.
  • Relies on an external QR code generator API.
  • Requires an internet connection to interact with the external QR code generator API.
  • The function may not be available in all versions of Microsoft 365.
  • It's a little bit tricky to use.

4. Use VBA Code

You cannot use the IMAGE function if you do not have Excel 365 or Excel Online. However, there is an additional option: VBA. Copy and paste the code below into a standard code module. Run the code after that. The macro places the QR code into cells C19:C25 of Sheet1 based on the URL in cell C3. You may modify them to suit your needs.

Sub GenerateQRCode()

Dim QRURL As String

Dim QRShape As Object

Dim QRLocation As Range

'Assign variables

Set QRLocation = Sheets("Sheet1").Range("C19:C25")

'Create the URL path

QRURL = Sheets("Sheet1").Range("C3").Value

'Delete the previous QR code

On Error Resume Next


On Error GoTo 0

'Get and create the image

Set QRShape = Sheets("Sheet1").Pictures.Insert(QRURL)

'Change placement of image

With QRShape

.Name = "QRCodeVBA"

.Top = QRLocation.Top

.Left = QRLocation.Left

.Height = QRLocation.Height

.Width = QRLocation.Height

End With

End Sub

  • Users have full control over the QR code generation process.
  • No External Dependencies.
  • VBA Knowledge Required.
  • Very difficult to operate.
  • The VBA code is less intuitive for users who are not familiar with programming concepts.

Part 2: Excel QR Code Use Cases

Excel QR Codes offer a multitude of applications, each with unique benefits. Here are some key use cases for Excel QR Codes:

Team Collaboration
  • Excel QR Codes can streamline file sharing among team members. Generate Excel QR Codes and incorporate them into summary reports. Team members can then use their mobile devices to scan and access the files for enhanced utilization.
  • In meetings with business partners or investors, you can add the QR code to the final slide of your presentation, enabling participants to scan and view the file with ease.
Inventory Management
  • In the absence of an efficient file-sharing system, managing inventory can be challenging. By affixing an Excel QR Code to inventory boxes, authorized personnel can scan and access the inventory data at any time.
  • To secure the data, you can restrict access to the Excel file to approved email addresses only. For added security, consider password-protecting the QR Codes.
Clinics and Hospitals
  • Digitizing a patient’s comprehensive medical history using an Excel QR Code provides a simple method for sharing information in hospitals or clinics.
  • Create and incorporate the QR Code into the patient's test results, appointment slip, or hospital ID card. This allows the designated physician to quickly access the information. You can password-protect the Excel QR Code or limit file access for enhanced security.
Educational Institutions
  • Schools maintain various records, including attendance, grades, and health data. By creating Excel QR Codes and distributing them to faculty members or supervisors, you can effectively share these records contained in an Excel file. This can be particularly useful when compiling reports on student progress or performance.


QR codes are not just symbols; they're bridges connecting the present to the future of data management. As you incorporate QR codes into your Excel workflows, you're not just adapting; you're building a bridge to the future of efficient data handling.

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