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Part 1: Do QR Codes Expire?

As we delve into the world of QR codes, a commonly asked question is, "Do QR codes expire?" Well, it depends on the type of QR code.

do qr codes expire

1. Do Static QR Codes Expire?

Static QR codes do not expire. Why? Because they are directly encoded with the information they contain. Whether it’s a website URL or a simple text message, once the QR code is generated, this information remains unchanged and accessible indefinitely. Therefore, unless the platform you used to create the QR code shuts down, a static QR code will remain functional.

2. Do Dynamic QR Codes Expire?

On the other hand, dynamic QR codes can technically expire. Dynamic QR codes are different from their static counterparts because they are not directly encoded with the information. Instead, they redirect to a URL that hosts the data. This implies that if the hosting website goes down, the QR code will lead to a broken link, effectively making it non-functional. However, as long as the hosting site remains active, the QR code will work indefinitely.

And a dynamic QR code that doesn't expire requires the QR code generator's active subscription. That is to say, if the generator's subscription is inactive, the dynamic QR code will expire.

Part 2: What Is an Expired QR Code?

An expired QR code refers to a QR code that no longer functions as intended and you can't use it any more. Various factors can impact the lifespan of a QR code.

For static codes, the longevity is primarily determined by the platform used to create the code. If the platform continues to support the code, it will remain functional. The quality of the print also plays a role. If the QR code becomes worn out or damaged, it may become unreadable.

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, are much more susceptible to changes. Since they rely on a URL to function, the lifespan of a dynamic QR code is dependent on the hosting website. If the website goes down or the specific webpage is removed, the QR code will no longer work. Additionally, if the QR code was created with a trial account or a limited-time offer, it may expire after a specified period.

Part 3: The Impact of Expired QR Codes on Businesses

Expired QR codes can have a significant impact on businesses. A non-functioning QR code may lead to a loss of potential customers, as users may get frustrated and give up on their attempt to access the information. This could also harm the reputation of the business, as it may appear unprofessional or unreliable. Furthermore, if the QR code is part of a marketing campaign, the expiry could lead to a loss of valuable consumer data.

Part 4: How to Reactivate an Expired QR Code?

If you find that your QR code has expired, don’t fret. In many cases, it is possible to reactivate it. If the QR code is dynamic, you can reactivate it by reactivating the hosting URL. For static QR codes, you may need to generate a new code if the platform used to create the original code is no longer operational.

Part 5: How to Create a QR Code that Doesn't Expire?

Creating a QR code that doesn’t expire is quite straightforward, especially with tools like iMyfone QRShow. Simply choose the QR code type, input your desired information, and generate your code. Since static codes do not rely on external URLs, they are less likely to expire.

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  • Allow users to create unlimited static QR codes for free.
  • Able to track the data including scanning devices, the number of scans and others of dynamic QR codes generated.
  • Users can customize the QR codes with templates, colors, or adding your brand logo.

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To ensure the longevity of your QR codes, select a reliable platform like QRShow to generate your codes, maintain the quality of the printed codes, and periodically check the functionality of your dynamic codes.

Bonus: FAQs About QR Codes Expiry

Do Canva QR Codes Expire?
When it comes to Canva QR codes, they do not expire. Canva allows you to create static QR codes that will remain functional indefinitely, as long as the code is not damaged or worn out.
Do Adobe QR Codes Expire?
Similarly, Adobe QR codes do not expire. Adobe’s QR code tool generates static codes that will continue to work as long as they are kept in good condition.
Do Free QR Codes Expire?
The expiry of free QR codes largely depends on the platform used to generate them. Some platforms offer free QR codes that expire after a certain period, while others provide free static QR codes that do not expire. Always check the terms and conditions of the platform to understand the lifespan of your free QR codes.


In conclusion, whether or not a QR code expires depends on the type of code and the platform used to create it. Static QR codes, such as those generated by Canva or Adobe, do not expire unless the code itself is damaged or the generating platform shuts down. Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, can expire if the hosting URL becomes inactive. Therefore, to ensure the longevity of your QR codes, choose a reliable platform, maintain the quality of your codes, and regularly check the functionality of your codes.

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