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QR codes are everywhere these days, from ads to product packaging. These square barcodes, scanned with a smartphone camera, take users straight to a specific webpage or share contact details. But did you know they can also send text messages?

In this article, we’ll learn how to convert text to QR and talk about the best uses for plain text QR codes. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Part 1: Can You Create a QR Code for a Text Message?

Yes you without a doubt can generate a QR code for a text message. A QR code for a text message is type of static QR code that can encode text, numbers and even emojis.

You can create one for free using the QR code generator for text from iMyfone QRShow. It can fit about 1268 characters in one QR code.


The best part here is you don't need an internet connection for scanning a QR and read the text message. The QR code is always ready for scanning anytime, anywhere.

Part 2: How Do I Convert Text to QR?

iMyfone QRShow is a perfect tool to convert text to QR code. With iMyfone QRShow, you can easily create QR codes that smartphones cameras or QR code scanners can scan to access information quickly.

iMyfone QRShow
  • Static text QR code and dynamic text QR code are all able to be created.
  • You can convert text to QR code FOR FREE.
  • Customize text QR codes with templates, colors, frames, logos and more.
  • Generate text QR code and apply it into various situations.

Follow these simple steps to convert your text to QR codes:

Step 1: Go to iMyfone QRShow Website. Open a web browser and navigate to the iMyfone QRShow text to QR code generator website. Sign up your account.

sign in QRShow

Step 2: Choose Text QR Code Type. Once you're on the iMyfone QRShow text to QR code online dashboard, you can choose to create static or dynamic QR code. Then locate Plain Text.

choose text qr code type

Step 3: Enter Text Details. You'll find a specified text input area. Now enter the text that you’re trying to convert to a QR code is that input area.

enter text qr code details

Step 4: Modify the Generated QR Code. You can also customize how your QR code appears. This may include choosing the error correction level, adjusting the size, adding a logo or picture, and selecting colors. Make the QR code unique according to your preferences.

customize and download text qr code

Step 5: Create the QR Code. After inputting your text and making any necessary modifications, you have to click a button labeled Publish.

Once the QR code has been generated, you should be provided options to save or download it as a PNG or JPG image. Choose the suitable option and save the QR. Then, distribute the QR code through websites, print materials, or any other medium that allows users to use it.

Part 3: Best Uses of Plain Text QR Codes

Traditional QR codes usually link to websites or multimedia content. But plain text QR codes contain text-based information that can be easily scanned and accessed. Here are some of the best uses of plain text QR codes:

Boost Inventory and Asset Management

One of the most significant advantages of using plain text QR codes is their ability to streamline inventory and asset management processes. By converting to paperless asset and inventory management, companies can save valuable time and resources.

With plain text QR codes, all it takes is a simple scan to access relevant data and update inventory item details. Employees can easily access this information. Ultimately, this eliminates the need for manual searching or document handling.

Provide More Details on a Certain Product

For businesses who want to provide additional details about their products, incorporating plain text QR codes can be a smart strategy. This is especially useful for newer products where customers may have limited knowledge.

Including a QR code on the product packaging your customers can scan it with their smartphones to get more information about the product. This won’t only enhance your customer's buying experience but can also help them make informed decisions.

Educational Institutions and QR Codes

Teachers at Glasmont Academy have incorporated Plain Text QR Codes into their quizzes. When scanned, these codes reveal the answers to the questions, increasing student engagement and interest in the classroom.

Game and Software Developers

Game creators at eGo Gaming Studios are popular for their secret levels and characters in games. For their latest game, they’ve used a Plain Text QR Code containing a unique code on the disc cover. This code unlocks special characters and secret levels, serving as an intriguing marketing strategy.

Home Maintenance and Repairs

Happy House Crew uses Plain Text QR Codes on household items owned by their regular clients. This ensures every repair worker follows the same procedure, reducing errors and costly mistakes. If a different repair worker is assigned to the same item, they'll know what needs to be done by scanning the QR code.

Consumer Electronics

Siekens Electronics uses QR Codes on their product packaging to store essential information like the production date and location, in addition to the product ID. Their products are manufactured in various facilities worldwide to reduce production and transportation costs. Plain text QR codes are used to track which batch was produced and where.


Turning text into QR codes allows both individuals and businesses to share messages or vital information with a simple scan. But QR codes offer more than just directing to webpages or sharing contacts. You can take advantage of the text messaging potential of QR codes with iMyfone QRShow, which will transform the way you communicate with your audience.

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