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QR codes are adaptable for different uses. One of such is to have your PDF file in the simplest format using QR codes. Hence, you can turn your several-page PDF file to 76 x 76 pixels (2 x 2 cm) of QR code. This technology is applicable in different industries like retail, marketing, hospitality, etc. Since using QR codes have become indispensable, this article discusses converting your PDF to QR code. More will also be said about the benefits and uses of this method of making your PDF files available.

Part 1: The Benefits of PDF QR Code

Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the most popular text formats. In this section, we will be highlighting how having this file format as a QR code is beneficial.

Access PDF: Instead of hardcopy or softcopy PDF files, you can share PDF documents or information that ought to be in the document with people. This seamless method of disseminating information can be instrumental in saving storage space.

Share a PDF collection: Converting PDF to QR code can help you keep your PDF catalog organized even while sharing it with others. That way, you can keep different collections of PDF files using a QR code that leads to the catalog.

Securing PDF: You can password your PDF file and permit access only through PDF QR code. Hence, your PDF information will be more secure and only available to those with the code.

Get data on PDF access: PDF QR codes are used to collect insights and data on how the PDF has been accessed and engaged. Some of the information gathered includes the location of those using the code, what materials they are engaging in, and how often they download those materials.

Part 2: How Do I Convert a PDF to a QR Code?

To convert a PDF to a QR code, you need a QR code generator. The function of the code generator is to embed your PDF in a barcode that can be scanned. Several third-party QR code generators are available online. However, the iMyFone QRShow is above its competitors. It is a reliable tool with guaranteed security and privacy of your PDF data. It is also an intuitive PDF to QR code solution. Hence, you can use it without the support of an expert. Check below for how to use the iMyFone QR Show.

QRShow logo iMyfone QRShow

Convert PDF and other files like Work and PPT to QR code easily.

The PDF QR code you generated can be publick or private. The private PDF QR code can be only viewed by those who know the password.

You can track the data of the dynamic PDF QR code, knowing how many people scan it, where it scanned, etc.

You can customize the QR code designed for yourself such as different templates, adding color and frame, your company's logos and more.

QR Codes Created

Step 1: Log in or set up your account on the QRShow website.

sign in QRShow

Step 2: From Dynamic QR Code tab, pick Files as the type of code you want to generate.

choose files qr code type

Step 3: Upload the PDF you want to convert to a QR code from your file manager.

upload PDF files

Step 4: You can choose to convert the PDF to public QR code or private QR code with password protected.

set private PDF qr code

Step 4: Complete the process by customizing and downloading the QR code.

customize and download PDF qr code

Part 3: What Information is in a PDF QR Code?

The PDF document you want to share is the single most important feature of a PDF QR code. Hence, once the barcode has been scanned, the user can see all the information in the file. However, you can make the landing page of the barcode more interactive. To do that, you have to customize the page with some information. Tips on the information you can include are highlighted below.

Company Name: To distinguish the page, you need to introduce your company name. You can do this alongside the tagline or mission statement. This will further familiarize the user with your business and what it stands for.

Document: Since the QR code gives access to a PDF file, the document must be well presented using an icon. In addition, you should include the document name so that they can be sure of what they are downloading. In cases where there is a catalog of documents, you can specify the categories available.

Document Description: The content of the document can be described in a few words. You can also link the content of the description to the mission of the company.

CTA: QR code provides a cost-effective marketing strategy. Hence, you can insert an action task and even link the page to your company website if the page is not a subset of your website.

Part 4: Use Cases of a PDF QR Code

QR codes are spreading widely. With PDF QR codes, there are several applications. In this section, these uses will be explored.

Academic: Academic documents can be available to students through QR codes. Likewise, exam questions can be accessed through it.

Work: There is too much documentation in the workplace. Hence, the workplace can convert all its documents to PDF and make them available using QR codes.

Retail: Manufacturing companies can cut down on the bulkiness of their package by inserting a QR code instead of the product manual.


Against popular opinion, your QR code does not have to be white and black. Even when you convert your PDF to a QR code, you can customize it using different colors. To do so, you need to use a PDF to QR code generator with high functionalities. This article recommends using the iMyFone QRShow. This tool is very reliable and fast.

QRShow logo
iMyfone QRShow
Convert PDF to QR code and track the data easily.
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