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QR codes are collections of spots, usually of square shapes, which are linked to the set information. Therefore, QR codes are fundamentally linked to a URL location. In this case, the information in the defined location is a Word document. To access the piece of information, you can scan the barcode by using your phone cameras or dedicated QR code scanners. Therefore, this article will show you how to turn your document into a QR code. You will also find different helpful tips and use cases for word QR codes.

qr code for document

Part 1: Why use QR codes in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the leading tool for creating Word documents, especially on computers. There is a tendency for Word documents to get bulky depending on what you are working on. For students, projects can take up to 50 or 100 full pages of Word document. For writers, a book can take up to 200 or more pages. The same issue applies to a court clerk or meeting secretary. Even if the proceeding was recorded with a tape, its transcribed format can take several pages. Hence, the bulkiness of Word documents is the primary reason for QR codes in MS Word. With QR codes, seemingly bulky documents can be carried in very easy modes and shared with as many people as possible who need them.

Part 2: Types of Document QR Code

You can save your document in different formats. Some of the most common formats are .pdf, .txt, and .doc (which is compatible with its older versions). These formats are compatible with two types of document QR codes discussed below.

Static Document QR Code: This type of document QR codes cannot be adjusted once they have been generated. In other words, you cannot adjust the content of the document, the link, or the look of the QR code itself. You will have to create a new QR code entirely if you need to make a change to it.

Dynamic Document QR Code: On the other hand, this document QR code allows you to adjust anything and everything about the QR code after it has been generated. For instance, you can adjust your QR code password if it has one. The same adjustment can be made to the source folder, changing an entire link, or adjusting the outlook of the QR code. You can change the color, insert a logo, and make other adjustments to a Dynamic QR code.

Part 3: How to Convert Document to QR Code

Regardless of the format you have used to save your document, you can convert it to a QR code. In this section of the article, we will take you through two distinct methods of converting document to QR codes.

1. Create a QR Code in Microsoft Word

The first method is to use your MS Word app to create a QR code. Many people do not know the app can be used to generate a QR code for their documents. Follow these steps to use your Microsoft Document app to generate a word QR code.

Open your MS Word app and click on Insert on the menu bar.

Click on the Get Add-ins option, which leads you to the Office Add-ins store.

qr code add-ins

Search for the QR code in the search bar and pick a suitable one from the available options.

Click on the Add or Get icon to add it to your MS Word app. Complete the installation process, and the feature is now available on your app.

Open Insert on the menu bar and add a Text Box to your document.

insert document qr code add-ins

Type the document you want to encode in the Text Box.

Open Insert on the menu bar and select the QR Code add-in you installed.

Customize the type, shape, color, and size of the QR code.

generate document qr code with add-ins

Generate the image to get the word QR code in image format in the document. You can export it as an image or print it directly.

2. Use Document QR Code Generator

Instead of inserting an add-in or extension to your MS Word app, you can use a dedicated QR code generator. We recommend you use iMyFone QRShow. It is an effective QR code generator for customizing and tracking your QR codes. It comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. Follow this step to use our QR code generator.

QRShow – Professional QR Code for Document
  • Create unlimited static QR code and 3 dynamic QR code for free.
  • Able to generate QR code for various document files such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, etc.
  • With multiple customization options including frames, logos, colors, templates and more.
  • Allow users to track the data of dynamic document QR codes.

Step 1: Open the web software and create an account. Set the type of QR code you want by choosing Plain Text or Files.

insert document qr code add-ins

Step 2: Fill in the details accordingly by typing the text or uploading the document file format.

create files qr code

Step 3: Generate the QR code and customize its shape, color, and size as you desire. Download the QR code and start using it.

step 3

Part 4: Use cases of QR codes for Word documents

Converting your QR code to Word document has so many uses. Some of them have been identified below.

Legal Document: You can make the documents associated with a legal proceeding available via QR code.

Thesis or Project: Students can present their project or thesis using the QR code format.

Book Launch: Instead of pilling several copies of books during launch, a compact barcode of the book can be shared.

News Sharing: News is another type of Word document that can be presented in text format or word QR code.

Part 5: Tips for Using QR Codes in Microsoft Word

It is essential to ensure your QR code document serves its purpose. Hence, pay attention to these tips for using MS Word to create a QR code.

Simplicity: Keep your designs and customization very simple so that it is not too clumsy for scanning.

Sizing: If the size is too small, it will be difficult to scan. However, it cannot be too big for scanning.

Caption: Insert a caption on or around the QR code to indicate what is contained in the barcode.


QR codes are useful tools for making seemingly cumbersome digital features light. One of those digital features is a document. That is why this article has shown how to convert your document to a QR code. In addition, there are tips to follow on when it is applicable and how to ensure it is well used.

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