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QR codes have transformed the way we exchange data, making the process faster and more efficient. But did you know you could also "go to QR code from image"? Yes, you heard it right! This blog will take you through a comprehensive guide on how to convert an image to QR code, leveraging the power of QR codes beyond just text and URLs.

image to qr code

Part 1: Can An Image Be Encoded in a QR Code?

Yes! An image can indeed be encoded in a QR code. Encoding an image in a QR code, however, doesn't mean the QR code will visually represent the image. Instead, it will contain the data information of the image that can be decoded and displayed when the QR code is scanned using a suitable app or device.

In today's digital age, the conversion of images to QR codes is more than just a tech-savvy gimmick. It provides numerous benefits that can enhance your digital experience.

Interactivity: QR codes provide an interactive element to your marketing or information dissemination strategy. They can be scanned using a smartphone, taking the user directly to the image or the information linked to it, thus offering a seamless user experience.

Creativity: Instead of sending an image via email or messaging app, you can create a QR code that holds the image. This could be a fun and innovative way to share holiday photos, special announcements, or even invitations. For businesses, image QR codes can be an effective marketing tool. It allows businesses to engage with their customers in a unique and interactive way, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Space-saving: QR codes can store a large amount of data in a small physical space. This means you can provide a lot of information or a high-resolution image without taking up much physical space on your product, packaging, or promotional materials.

Versatility:: QR codes can be used across various platforms and mediums, both digital and physical. They can be printed on paper, displayed on a screen, or even etched onto physical items, making them a versatile tool for different uses.

Part 2: How Do I Turn a Picture Into a QR Code?

Turning an image into a QR code is a simple process that involves a few key steps. To start with, you will need a reliable QR code generator tool. These are available online, many of them free of charge. iMyfone QRShow is a wonderful online QR code generator&scanner that can help you convert images to QR codes or scan them from an image.

iMyfone QRShow
  • Create dynamic image QR codes and track the number of scans, scanning regions, devices and more data.
  • Support uploading many images and convert them into one QR code.
  • Customize image QR code with templates, colors, frames, branding logos, etc.
  • You can set the image QR code as private and the password is required to access the content.
  • Users can create 3 dynamic image QR codes for free.

How to Convert an Image to a QR Code:

Step 1: Sign up your account and go to Create QRcode tab and choose Photo type from Dynamic QRcode.

choose photo qr code type

Step 2: Click Add to upload a picture or choose one from the library. You can set the QR code as public or private. QRShow will convert the image into a code.

upload image and convert into QR code

Step 3: Here you can customize the QR code with the template,logo, color and frames. Then publish it for further downloading.


If you want to create one QR code for many images, iMyfone QRShow can still help you with that. Just choose the Files type from the first step and upload more than 1 pictures to turn them into QR code.

convert multiple images into QR code

Part 3: Can I See Image QR Code in Real Life?

Image QR codes are used in various sectors for different purposes.

  • Marketing and Advertising: In marketing, businesses use them on posters, promotional materials, and product packaging to engage customers. For instance, a company can use an image QR code on their product packaging, which, when scanned, displays a recipe or usage instructions.
  • Event Industry: Image QR codes are used on tickets or event flyers. The QR code could reveal an image providing more details about the event, such as a map of the venue or a teaser of the event highlights.
  • Art and Design: Artists and designers can incorporate QR codes into their work, leading viewers to images that provide more context or additional information about their art.
  • They are also used in personal communication to share images in a fun and interactive way. This could be a birthday greeting, a holiday photo, or even a wedding invitation.

Part 4: FAQs About Image QR Code

Can I convert any image into a QR code?
Yes, you can convert any image into a QR code as long as it is in a supported format, such as JPEG, PNG, or GIF.
Can I scan an image QR code with any QR code scanner?
Yes, most QR code scanners can scan image QR codes. However, make sure the scanner app you are using supports image QR codes.

Bonus: How to Read QR Code from an Image

Reading a QR code from an image is as easy as taking a picture. All you need is a smartphone with a camera and a QR code scanner app. To scan the QR code, open the scanner app, select the option to scan from an image (if available), then choose the image from your phone's gallery. The app will scan the image for a QR code and display the contained image.

If you want to read QR code from image on the computer, then QRShow can still do that. It supports read QR codes from an image, url or directly scan them with the computer's camera.

read QR code from image


In conclusion, converting images to QR codes is a powerful tool that offers a myriad of possibilities. From businesses looking to enhance their marketing campaigns to individuals seeking a fun way to share images, the scope of image QR codes is vast. With this comprehensive guide on how to create a QR code for an image, you're now equipped to explore the digital potential that lies in QR codes. So go ahead, start converting, and unlock new possibilities!

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