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As an undergrad looking for an internship, your resume can prove pretty instrumental in being accepted. For a grad looking for the best job placement, it is undeniable the benefits of having a resume. More importantly, an undergrad or grad can have their resume in a simple QR code format. In this article, we will explore how to make the best of your contact with a recruiter by using a QR code for resume.

Part 1: What Is a QR Code for Resume?

QR codes are barcodes for storing data like financial reports, gadget manuals, resumes, etc. Hence, a QR Code for resumes redirects users to stored information about their work experience, educational background, and professional skills. This resume data can be stored in the form of a landing page designed to lead to a portfolio website, LinkedIn profile, social media profile, PDF, text, or image. The pages may differ depending on the size of the resume.

However, it is often between a page or two. In another instance, you can have a QR code embedded on a paper resume. When recruiters scan the code, it can lead them to find more information on your website, CV, etc.

Part 2: How Does a Resume QR Code Work?

Resumes help applicants present themselves to recruiters concisely. Hence, recruiters can get familiar with the potential employee's ability with simple scanning. With this knowledge, we can identify how resume QR code works both for recruiters and applicants.

For applicants to drive impromptu interviews: Applicants can pitch their skills to any company executive or head hunter, even in impromptu meetups. Hence, they can share all the details about their previous training, experience, and expertise with the potential employer using the resume QR code.

To provide potential employers with more information: Instead of presenting the resume as a QR code, you can insert the QR code into your resume. Hence, the code can lead to a more comprehensive document like a CV, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile. It could even include recommendations written and signed by a previous employer, trusted relative, or past client.

By replacing recruiters' bulky applicant resume files: Resumes are often submitted as text documents or in PDF format. For large companies, an opening for any role can attract hundreds and thousands of applications. To reduce the number of papers handled, resume QR codes can replace the bulky method of submitting documents.

Automating applicant sorting: Resume QR code works by restricting the format of documents that applicants can send. Hence, applicants who do not comply with this instruction can immediately be disqualified. For instance, the resume QR code can be a text, PDF, or URL.

For getting specific information about applicants: Recruiters can check for certain qualifications on every applicant's resume using a resume QR code. That way, applicants without those qualifications will be ineligible. Hence, it lightens the recruiter's burden of going through every applicant's resume.

Part 3: The Benefits of Resume QR Code

Whether it is a QR code attached to your resume or a QR code leading to your resume landing page, there are a lot of benefits for you to harness. Check this section out for these benefits.

Make your one-page resume more informative: Your resume can be only a page, but recruiters can access more information about you than that page. You can achieve this by inserting additional information using a resume QR code.

Stand out from other applicants: In this jet age, employers are more interested in tech-savvy employees. While generating a QR code might not be equivalent to having a programming skill, it at least shows you are implementing a technological tool. It also shows that you are thinking outside the box.

Track recruiters going through your resume: You can use resume QR codes to collect data on the recruiters and head hunters going through your resume. You can know what company and how long they spent checking your resume. That can help determine their interest in you or your expertise.

Part 4: Where to Use a Resume QR Code?

Resume QR codes can be used in different sectors. Any organization where a job application can be submitted is a good place to use the QR code. Hence, private or government-owned institutions are not excluded. Some of these organizations are considered here.

Schools: High schools, colleges, universities, and every other educational institution accept interns, remote, hybrid, part and full-term employees. Potential employees for tutoring or non-teaching roles in these institutions can use a resume QR code.

Financial Institutions: Banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, and government financial intelligence agencies, have a large number of applicants that they can best handle with resume QR codes.

Non-Profit Organization: Institutions advocating for human rights, literacy, eradication of poverty, and much more, are viable for applicants with resume QR codes. That way, they can comb through the thousands of applications they get monthly from volunteers.

Part 5: QR Code Generator for Resume

iMyfone QRShow is a trusted resume QR code generator. You can even use it to generate a free QR code for your CV. The tool is very fast and easy to use. Furthermore, the safety of all your personal information provided when generating a resume QR code is guaranteed.

iMyfone QRShow
  • Create a QR code for your resume FOR FREE.
  • Various QR code types including static and dynamic are supported.
  • The resume QR code you generated can be password-protected.
  • You can track the data of your resume QR code with this tool.

Generate the QR Code for Resume and Track How Many People Scan It Now!

Step 1: Open your iMyFone QRShow website or sign up for an account.

sign in QRShow

Step 2: Pick the QR type that you want to generate: text, URL, PDF, image, social media, etc. You can also generate your resume PDF file into QR code.

choose qr code type

Step 3: Customize your QR code, such as using templates, adding your logo, etc. Then you can preview your QR code.

customize and download qr code

Step 4: Download the QR code and attach them on your PDF file. You can insert it on your resume if the QR code links to your CV, LinkedIn Profile, or personal website.


You can ace your application with exceptional profiling of yourself. One of the most excellent application tips is to use a QR code for resume. You can make your resume accessible via a QR code, or you can attach a QR code to your resume that leads to more information about you. Hence, you need a resume QR code generator. For a well-customized and reliable barcode, you should use iMyFone QRShow.

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Generate a QR code for your resume and make it stand out!
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