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Instagram is arguably the #1 photo-sharing platform in the world. Hence, being on top of the list of platforms where QR codes are being used is not a surprise. The app even lets users customize their QR code. Therefore, you can read through this article to find out more about the benefits and use cases of QR codes for Instagram. You will also learn to use our Instagram QR code generator and the default IG customization method.

Part 1: What Is an Instagram QR Code?

Even with the advent of Web3 marketing, social media campaigns are still at the forefront of reaching customers. With the Instagram QR code, the dominance of social media marketing is likely to keep increasing. Instagram QR codes are square-shaped barcodes that another party can scan to see your IG profile. It could be a dynamic or static QR code. Its type depends on whether it can be edited or not, respectively, after it has been generated.

Part 2: Why Use QR Codes for Instagram?

Are you still unsure why you need a QR code for Instagram? By going through this section, you will find the benefits of using a QR code for Instagram highlighted for you.

Ease of Search: You can make your search experience on Ig really smooth by using a QR code for Instagram that fits your customer’s likely search. Several irrelevant searches are displayed when searching using the Instagram Explore feature. In many cases, the search result may be similar to your input. Yet, it might not lead you where you want to go. In some cases, you can even have a typo that will deflect your search result to entirely different suggestions. QR codes resolve any issue like this. Even in cases where there are no search results, QR codes will help you locate the post, profile, or story with ease.

Track and analyze page engagement: Instagram provides users with analytics tools for them to track engagement on their pages. However, IG analytics tools may not provide you with accurate results. You will not even find engagement or marketing analytics tools to analyze traffic on your page. Therefore, you should use QR codes to analyze user engagement during marketing campaigns.

Ease of converting viewers: QR codes on IG make it easy to convert viewers and scrollers to loyal customers. If these IG surfers see that they can access your online store with a simple QR code scan, they will follow the process. Hence, they will be directed to see your product catalog after scanning the QR code. In no time, you will see them knocking on the door of your brick-and-mortar store.

For IG influencing: Affiliate marketing through IG influencers can make your business successful. To boost this method of marketing campaign, you can share your QR codes with any influencer of your choice. That way, anyone who sees your QR code for Instagram on their page will have straight access to your page or website.

Part 3: The Best Instagram QR Code Generator

Instagram has an inbuilt QR code generator. (This feature is later discussed in the bonus session.) The customization features of this inbuilt feature are only peripheral. So, users prefer to generate Instagram QR codes through a third-party tool instead and use more customization. The top-notch tool with boundless customization features for the Instagram QR code generator is iMyFone QRShow. We provide you with adequate data privacy and multi-level security of personal information. Also, our software solution is reliable and works 24/7.

iMyfone QRShow -- Best QR Code Generator for Instagram
  • Generate dynamic Instagram QR code of your style.
  • Help followers and users to connect to your Instagram more easily with a simple scan.
  • Customize your Instagram QR code with templates, colors, frames, eyes, logos and more added.

Step 1: Open the website and create a new account or log in to your account if you already have it.

sign in QRShow

Step 2: From the left column, choose Create QRcode, then find Social Media from the Dynamic QRcode tab.

choose social media qr code type

Step 3: Choose the Instagram icon and insert the details of the Instagram link you account.

enter instagram qr code details

Step 4: You can preview the Instagram QR code. Before downloading it, you can customize it by selecting different templates, adding logo, color or other elements.

customize and download instagram qr code

Part 4: How Can an Instagram QR Code Be Used?

QR code for Instagram has unlimited uses. A few of those uses have been captured in this section to inform using this initiative.

Instagram Stores: Several entrepreneurs sell directly from their IG accounts. These set of people can use Instagram QR codes on their business cards. That way, people can easily access their business. In many other cases, entrepreneurs have an extension of their stores on IG. They can take the same approach of having their IG QR code on their business cards, products, and billboards.

Instagram Themed Stories: There are Stories on Instagram that your followers might not know about. These Stories only last for a day. Also, other user's new posts will move them aside when new Stories are uploaded. You can have your followers and several people engage in the Stories by using a QR code for Instagram that leads to the Stories.

Instagram Reels: Short videos are a highly converting marketing strategy on Instagram. You can direct customers unaware of your videos to watch them with a QR code.

Instagram Communities: There are hashtags and group chats that can contain up to 250 people on Instagram. Any campaign can use this community and trend feature to drive engagement. With a QR code for Instagram, singling out your service or product in the trend or hashtag can be a lot easier.

Instagram Influencers: We already talked about affiliate marketing. You can affiliate with a popular influencer on Instagram to share content about the product. One easy way to convert those who engage that content to your devoted customers is by inserting a QR code that leads them to your IG page or website.

QR Code Coupons: Giveaways are good! Everyone likes getting more than their time or money’s worth. Hence, you can give back to get a lot of attention. In the end, attaching a coupon to having customers scan a QR code for Instagram often has a net positive ROI.

Bonus: Find and Customize Your QR code on Instagram

Instagram has features that serve as an Instagram QR code generator and decoder. The former allows users to get their profile barcode and change the design or color to what they may prefer. While the latter feature helps to find someone’s profile by scanning their QR code. With the Instagram QR code generator feature, you can share your IG QR code with others to easily find your profile.

  • Tap the image icon or your profile picture to open your profile.
  • Click on the capture icon with four dots.
  • Click on the QR code icon.
  • Customize the QR code by changing the color or design with Emoji or Selfie options.


Instagram is one of the most preferred marketing tools. With its easy deployment of QR codes, it permits several benefits already discussed in this article. Hence, you can utilize the full potential of the Instagram QR code campaign. That would necessitate using a tested and trusted QR code generator Instagram like iMyFone QRShow. It will transform the way you are perceived by customers and how you can market your product.

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