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Against popular opinion, business cards are not old-fashioned. In fact, you could make a personal or professional statement by thinking outside the box about your business card. Hence, you can have a transparent card, a unique shape, or even a social media business card. Not all these innovative methods of making your business card stand out will be considered in this article. However, you will learn all you need to know about making the most exceptional social media business cards that will distinguish you.

Part 1. What Are Social Media Business Cards?

Social media business cards are modernized cards carrying your social media addresses. Traditional business cards only include name, business name, address, email, and phone contact. However, expansion in the scope of human influence, especially online, has redefined how business cards are being designed.

You can also have social media business cards as digital media or icons replacing traditional business cards. That way, you can share your business card with the intended audience online. It could be through a social media platform or via your website.

Part 2. Elements of Social Media Business Cards

You can design the social media card yourself or commission a professional graphic designer to do it for you. In either case, you need to know what to look out for. Hence, this section discusses the things you should look out for on your social media business cards.

Logo and Icons: At first view, the logos and icons are the most distinct components of your social media business card. Your company logo could be quite striking. Likewise, icons depicting the social media platform of the handles you have included are also vital.

Legible Font: Aside from social media icons for business cards, information written on your cards is vital. The reach of the card could be reduced if they are not written in fonts legible enough for everyone to read.

Company and Personal Name: Your company name has to be the biggest. Then, you can use the H2 (Header 2) or a smaller size for your personal name and other lettering on the card. The social media business card is not complete without your personal name.

Job Title: Right under your personal name, you should include your role in the company. Your job title determines the importance of the card.

Phone number and Address: For privacy and security purposes, these details are sparingly included on business cards. When included, they are the primary means of reaching the card owner.

Email and Website Address: These elements of social media business cards have become very prominent. They were the mainstream choices before the inclusion of social media handles. They are considered the means of direct contact card owners prefer.

Tagline: This information is not considered a vital element. Hence, it can appear on the back side of the card. However, it must be boldly written. That way, you can communicate your value smoothly.

Social media and Barcode: QR codes are becoming a more popular means of sharing social media handles. Hence, you can include the one for your most prominent handle. Alternatively, you can insert your social media handles and their icons.

Creative Layout: To put together all the other elements already identified, you need a very creative layout. This creativity is highlighted by using white space, background, color mix, icon sizes, and many more.

Part 3. The Benefits of Putting Social Media on Business Cards

If you are still wondering about the importance of having your social media handle on your business card, this section is for you.

  • Easy access: The introduction of social media on business cards means prospects can contact you on any of the included contacts.
  • Free Marketing: If you have optimized profiles, prospects can learn more about you and what you do through your social media handle. In addition, they can find out about your product and service scope.
  • Uniqueness: Business cards with social media icons make the owner stand out. It connotes an owner in tune with the latest trend.

Part 4. How to Create Social Media Business Cards

You can easily create business cards with social media logos or social media profiles QR codes using the free QR code generator -- iMyfone QRShow. The online software is very user-friendly and simple to use, so you can have your QR codes in several steps.

social media business cards

iMyfone QRShow
  • Create vCard, social media link, social media profile and many other QR codes for free.
  • Generate both static and dynamic QR codes based on your needs.
  • Track the number of scans, the devices, places and others in real-time.
  • Customize your business QR codes with templates, logos, frames, etc.
  • Download the QR code generated in different formats and then print it to your business cards.

Step 1: Create your QRShow account and sign in to enter the QR dashboard.

sign in QRShow

Step 2: Choose the QR code type. For social media business cards, you can choose vCard or social media profile.

choose vcard qr code type

Step 3: Enter the digital business cards content. Then you can customize the QR code such as adding your social media logo, changing templates or frames.

enter vcard qr code content

Step 4: Finally, download it and add it to your business cards.


LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, X, TikTok, etc., are some platforms people go to search for a person to know more about them. Now, with a social media business card, you make it easy for people to know more about you. Besides, they can learn more about what you do through your social media handle. Hence, this article details how to ensure your social media business cards are absolute and exceptional.

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