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Web and mobile apps are traditionally designed with links and icons for navigation. This process is common to every app including TikTok. Since no one can deny the effectiveness of TikTok in marketing, it is only smart that every user knows how best they can use the platform. Hence, you can make your handle more accessible and gain more followers. One of the tools to use is the QR code generator. That is why you will find in this article the innovative use of TikTok QR code generator to increase your handle visibility.

Part 1. The Difference Between TikTok QR Code and TikCode

To make finding accounts and navigating different handles seamless, TikTok QR introduced the TikCode. TikCode is an embedded QR code for each account upon creation. TikTok included this QR code for every account so users can share it with others. Hence, users can direct other users to their accounts without using links and searches.

difference between tikcode and tiktok QR code

Some people prefer to use the TikTok QR code generator to create and customize their unique QR codes. Different from TikCode which can only be scanned by the platform's inbuilt scanner, TikTok QR codes can be scanned by cameras and any other scanners. Apart from the main difference, TikTok QR codes generated can be further cutomized and users can track the codes.

Here is how to access your account’s TikCode.

  • Select the me button – your profile icon – at the bottom left side of the screen.
  • Tap the hamburger icon at the top right side of the screen.
  • Click on the TikCode icon under the Settings and Privacy options.
  • You will see the unique TikCode that you can save to your phone or scan immediately.

Part 2. Why Should You Create a TikTok QR Code?

TikTok embedded QR codes – TikCode are influential solutions for making accounts more visible. However, using a TikTok generator to get your TikTok Code has several more benefits. Hence, you will see different benefits of having your unique TikTok QR code for your business or personal TikTok account in this section.

Allows inventiveness: QR code generator allows you to show your creativity in creating scannable and sharable QR codes. You can introduce unique touches to the barcode, which is unlikely with TikCode.

Some customization options that the QR code generator permits include adding a logo, brand color, barcode frame, and much more. You can choose the file format you want the QR code, and even insert CTA.

To get dynamic features: QR codes have dynamic features that are only available through QR code generators. For instance, you can track the usage and other essential data of a self-generated QR code.

You can get a report on where and how the code was scanned, the number of scans, and device models used to scan the code, among other data. While it is impossible to edit TikCode or its link, you can do that if you get the code using a TikTok QR code generator.

For targeted marketing: You can avoid repeating the same TikCode on all your marketing platforms and campaigns. Now, you can customize your TikTok QR code to fit the taste of the target audience of any platform or campaign.

Likewise, you can generate the barcode to suit a season such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's, etc. It could even be used to push a company event such as an anniversary. In other words, you can use the TikTok QR code generator to tell your company story.

Part 3. How to Generate TikTok QR Code

The internet has several TikTok QR code generators for users to choose from. Howbeit, only a handful are reliable. To avoid using a malicious app to create your dynamic TikTok QR code, we recommend that you use iMyFone QRShow as your TikTok QR code generator.

This software solution is a seamless aid for making a creative QR code. It is intuitive to use without aid or assistance. It has dynamic QR code features but can also be used to generate static codes. Therefore, it allows users to customize the codes and track their data.

iMyfone QRShow
  • Create various social media QR codes such as TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
  • Able to generate one QR code for all your social media profiles.
  • Track the number of scans, the devices and more.
  • Customize your TikTok QR codes with templates, logos, frames, etc.

Step 1: You can directly generate the TikTok QR code on the website or sign up your account to enter the dashboard to achieve that with more customization options.

sign in QRShow

Step 2: Choose the Social Media QR code type. Then choose TikTok icon and enter your account.

choose social media qr code type

enter tiktok qr code account

Step 3: You can preview the TikTok QR code generated. Moreover, you are allowed to cutomize its template or color, add your logo, etc. Finally download it to use for various cases.

customize tiktok qr code

Part 4. How Can a TikTok QR Code Can Be Used

You can use TikTok QR codes for personal and business brands, especially to improve your visibility. Hence, this section goes into detail on how you can use this ingenious solution.

  • Skit Distribution: You can use barcodes to share your short comic videos with an audience, especially outside TikTok. Many entertainers find this use very helpful.
  • Video/Trailer: You can link your barcode to a thrilling snippet of an upcoming movie or documentary on TikTok. Educationists and filmhouses use it to share short video content with their students and customers, respectively.
  • Campaigning and Cataloging: TikTok QR code can help direct followers from any website or other social media platforms to the video-sharing app. Furthermore, you can share your product line on TikTok.


TikCode is an instrumental solution for TikTok account owners to make their accounts more visible. Even better, you can improve on this follower landing strategy by using the TikTok QR code generator. It allows you to add some creativity to how you attract followers. We have recommended the use of iMyFone QRShow. You can use it to personalize your QR codes. All you need is a reliable TikTok QR code generator like.

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iMyfone QRShow
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